5 Steps To Find Meaning In Your Life's Work.

Uniquely designed for ambitious but unfulfilled individuals who yearn for deep meaning and connection in their work and life.. 

When you implement the 5 Steps... You'll...

  • Discover

    Put the seemingly unrelated pieces of your experiences, knowledge, and passions together to create your life’s work that is totally authentic to you.

  • Clarify

    Clearly understand your unique value so you can find meaning in your life’s work and make the impact you know you are meant to make.

  • Find Joy

    Connect to and align with your deepest meaning to bring joy to your work and life every single day.

  • Make An Impact

    Identify who you are best able to serve and their greatest wants and needs so you can clarify how to make your greatest impact NOW​

Hi! I'm Carrie Sechel...


I help ambitious but unfulfilled individuals find their authentic ambition and do work with deep meaning that gives them the freedom to live the lives they want to live.


My "5 Steps To Find Meaning In Your Life’s Work" is specifically designed for ambitious but unfulfilled individuals who yearn for deep meaning and connection in their work and life. 


Upon successful completion, you’ll make forward progress toward clarity of your life’s work. You’ll also have a deeper connection with your authenticity and specifically what brings meaning and joy to your life.

What Others Are Saying About Carrie Sechel...

"I was stuck. I knew I wanted something different for myself in terms of my career, but I didn’t know how to move forward. I kept starting different paths on my own, never finishing them, or not knowing where to go next. 


Working with Carrie has allowed me to me to “tell my story” to others and have a really meaningful impact. I was able to dig up strengths I didn’t even know I had and they bloomed into what my business is today!"

Jenna Thibault

Cleveland, OH

Before working with Carrie, I had so many big Ideas, and so many great plans, but all I did was dream. Being a woman of action, I thought that eventually my business plans would simply happen as I would finally decide to just get it done. Unfortunately, since I didn't have a focal point, my action steps were nonexistent. The ideas were all stuck in my head where they weren't helping anyone.


Working with Carrie was essential to helping channel my vision and big Ideas into an area of focus. I was able to be ALL me, unafraid to share my ideas as she listened and provided incredibly insightful strategies and advice to help propel me forward.


Carrie will help you create that reality, her process leaves you no other option. Even when you doubt yourself. Even if you have every excuse under the sun (valid or otherwise), Carrie will help you find the path to you.


Adrienne Rouan

Fort Myers, FL

"Carrie was able to help me deep dive in the beginning, narrow down what business idea I wanted to make happen after years of indecision, and walked me through the nuts and bolts step by step. She offers so much more help and support than I bargained for!


Carrie truly gets it and she cares. She meets you exactly where you are at and works with your timeline. She understands and teaches the importance of putting ourselves out there but wants the business to unfold organically and based on what feels right for you.


Working with Carrie allowed me to reach a major turning point in my life. Her support and love are simply immeasurable!"

Amanda Kryska

Chicago, IL

Your Authentic Ambition Is Waiting... 

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